Training in a Tier 3 City

Lions & Flaming Skulls have had various conversations with players and parents regarding our training sessions if the area they are from or the area the rink is in is entered into a tier 3 lockdown.

We have had a look into the government rules and we are still operating our 4 sessions a week.

The government website states the following for sports:

Sport and physical activity

Additional restrictions may apply depending on discussions between central and local government. Find out what additional measures apply in your area.

You can take part in organised outdoor sport and physical activity, including exercise classes, in any number, provided this follows the relevant guidance (for team sports, or for other outdoor licensed physical activity and exercise classes).

Organised sport, exercise classes and other activity groups are only permitted indoors if it is possible for people to avoid mixing with people they do not live with (or share a support bubble with). Where it is likely that households (or support bubbles) will mix, these activities must not go ahead. Social interaction before and after any sport or exercise should be limited to people from the same household or support bubble.

There are exceptions for disability sport, sport for educational purposes and supervised sport and physical activity for under-18s, which can take place in any number.

for the full article click here

With the rules above in place, the following sessions will not have any changes Toddler Skate & Play, Junior Progression & Lions Junior training.

Lions senior session will remain a closed session to only Lions registered players and we will be taking measures at this session on Thursday to work out a system with the rink and players to carry on training.

With the above now in place, this is a reminder of the rules we have in place for all our sessions.

Toddler Skate & Play

When entering the rink you must wash your hands and have a face covering on.

1 parent per child is allowed to enter the building and can also enter the rink with their child.

A face mask must be worn at all times unless you are eating and drinking at a table.

All Parents must keep 2 meters apart at all times but the kids are allowed to mix on the rink.

When you exit the rink you must use the fire doors at the back of the rink near the rink shop and not use the main doors.

You must put going on the event post on our Facebook page and pay via PayPal before each session. (When payment is made please put the name of your child and Parent attending the session so we have a record).

You must be willing to take part in the NHS track and trace system.

If you or your child has any of the symptoms of Covid-19 you must not come to any of our sessions.

Junior Progression & Lions Junior Training

When entering the rink you must wash your hands and have a face mask on including children that are 12 and above.

1 parent per child is allowed into the rink but must stay in the seating area or designated area set for spectating the session.

All parents and children over 12 must have a face mask on at all times apart from when sat at a table having food and drink and training on the rink.

All parents must stay at least 2 meters apart.

Players and parents can enter the rink 10 minutes before training starts and all players must get changed in the designated area of the rink.

Keepers and parents can enter the rink 20 minutes before the session starts and can use the changing rooms to get changed. 1 changing room per keeper.

After training, you must get changed where you got changed at the start of the session and players have 10 minutes to get changed and exit the rink. Keepers have 20 minutes.

When you exit the rink you must use the fire doors at the back of the rink near the rink shop and not use the main doors.

You must put going on the event post on our Facebook page and pay via PayPal before each session. (When payment is made please put the name of your child and Parent attending the session so we have a record).

You must be willing to take part in the NHS track and trace system.

If you or your child has any of the symptoms of Covid-19 you must not come to any of our sessions.

Lions Senior Training

Rules will be updated and announced this Thursday once we have spoken to all the Players, Parents, and the rink.

Lions & Flaming skulls know we are not clear of the virus yet but we also feel that sport is a big part of people’s lives and health too. We will do everything to keep all our sessions as long as it is safe to do so.

We will also support North West Roller Sports as much as we can to as again without then we will not have a hockey rink in Manchester and the hard work we have all put in over the last 5 years growing the sport in Manchester will be lost and we may never get it back.

Lions & Flaming Skulls would like to thank all parents and players who have supported us since we started our sessions again and we hope that this helps clear up the confusion over what we are able and unable to do during the tiered lockdowns the government has put in place.

If you have any more questions or would like to come to one of our sessions please contact us via our contact us page.


Toddler Skate & Play is back

Toddler Skate & Play is back at North West Roller Sports Rink in Atherton.

9am until 10:30am

No experience or equipment required.

£5 per toddler.

Parents can still join in on the rink.

Hot & Cold food & drink served at the rink.

Booking required please contact us via our Facebook or Contact us page.

Back to training

Lions & Flaming skulls have been working hard over the last 8 weeks to get as many training sessions as we can up and running.

Due to the rules that have been put in place by the government, we have had to put tighter controls in place on how you can attend training.

Due to rules put in place at Ardwick Sports Centre, we have not been able to set up any training session at our usual rink but we have managed to get some more times at our Atherton Rink.

Lions & Flaming skulls now offer the following training sessions each week.

9pm until 10:30pm Thursday Night Senior Training.

9am until 10:30am 3 to 10-year-old Saturday progression Junior training.

9am until 10:30am 11 to 16-year-old Sunday advanced junior training.

Due to the new restriction in place for over 18s our Thursday night session is full at the moment but if the rules are relaxed we will look to open it up to more players.

Our Saturday and Sunday still have places left and we can now accept players at our training sessions who are registered with other teams.

If anyone would like any extra training or more information send us a message via our contact us or Facebook pages.


Return to Junior Training

Lions & Flaming Skulls IHT are pleased to announce our Junior training session is back this Sunday. This session is going to be at Atherton Roller Rink 9am until 10:30am.

Due to the back to training phases, we have agreed to it is a limited space session and all players must own all equipment as we are not allowed to loan equipment out at the moment.

With it being a new season too we are open to new junior players joining us at all age groups from 8 to 16 junior Lions and Lions White which is ages 14 to 24.

As we advance through the different phases for back to hockey we will announce more on when our Toddler skate & Play and our open Junior training session will start back up.

If you would like to join our junior session drop us a message via our Facebook or contact us pages and we will explain the next steps to take part in the training session.

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Lions & Flaming Skulls Ardwick Sports Centre sessions put on hold

Due to the Coronavirus issue that is happening at the moment the committee that runs Ardwick Sports Centre have decided to follow the Governments  guide lines and have closed the hall until further notice.

Due to the rink closure we have had to cancel the following sessions.

Toddler Skate & Play – Saturday 9am – 10:30am

Open Junior training – Saturday 10:30am -12pm

Junior Team training – Sunday 10am – 12pm

Open training session – Monday 8pm – 9:30pm

So far Atherton Roller rink is still open so our senior session is still on until this rink is closed.

I am looking at other venues for our Junior team and we will keep everyone updated on the situation as it unfolds.

Female players wanted

Have you ever thought about playing inline hockey or looking for a team to join?

Then come and Join Flaming Skulls Women’s inline hockey team. This season Flaming Skulls are taken part in the North West Women’s League, WISE women’s cup and On The Rocks women’s tournament and we are now looking to grow female hockey in Manchester.

Our goal is to have a full women’s training session once a week but until we reach that goal you can join one of our 4 training sessions we hold a week.

No experience or kit required. For more information drop us a message or comment below.

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A busy few weekends for Lions & Flaming Skulls

Last Saturday Flaming Skulls played in the Final WISE cup games weekend seeing the girls pickup 2 wins and closed the score lines on the other teams from the 1st round of games played. It was great to see so many female players getting involved with this event and we can’t wait to be a part of it next season and hopefully get a change to have a home venue to play in to.

Lions whites also played in the 2nd game day where they managed to bounce back from a 5 – 2 loss to Missfits and grind a win against Hitmen 3 – 2.

We would also like to say a big thank you and congratulations to our junior coach Jodie Woodhams who had a a very busy weekend going to Dundee to play 6 games in the WISE cup and scoring 8 goals on the day. Then she come all the way back down south to play for Lions White on Sunday in the Market Drayton league scoring another 2 goals and then taking our Open training session on Monday night.

Jodie may only be 15 but she has a big future ahead of her in the sport and her dedication to Lions & Flaming Skulls is unbelievable. She are a massive credit to the team and her parents. We can already see the progression she has had in the senior setup as last season Jodie scored 2 goals, this season she has 3 goals in 4 games.

I would also like to say a big thank you to Jodie’s mum and grandparents for taking the time out and driving her all over the country this weekend.

We would also like to thank all the girls who trailed up to Dundee to play for Flaming Skulls and it was great to see everyone enjoying them self’s as this is what hockey should be about.

We can’t wait to see how the girls have progressed when the Flaming Skulls next play in the On the Rocks 2nd edition Tournament in May.

We are looking to carry on building Flaming Skulls and are still looking to get more girls from the Manchester area involved in inline hockey so if you would like to come and join us drop us a message and we can find a training session to fit you.

We are also looking forward to this weekend where the North West Junior League is taking place and Lions under 12’s team are playing with Jodie will be on the bench as a coach with James. Our under 8s players are joining up with the Wrexham team.

Lions Black are playing 3 games in the West B league.

Saturday morning sees Tom take our Toddler Skate & Play session & our beginners Junior training session that is on after.

Sunday sees Martin & Jodie take Lions Junior Team & Flaming Skulls training session.

I would like to thank all our coaches parents and players for the support this season it has been a very busy one and we still have another few months go to before the end but so far this has been a great start to the year seeing all our teams and sessions grow and improve.



Changes to all training session

As Lions & Flaming Skulls now offer 5 training sessions a week we have been reviewing the sessions we offer to to allow all ages and skill levels to have a training session.

We still stand by anyone can play Inline Hockey and can join us but we also want to help improve all player types. Which means we have had to create some closed sessions. This is a hard decision but we feel its the best way to grow the sport and also improve the core our our Junior and Senior teams.

We are now offering the following training sessions.

Toddler Skate & Play Saturday 9am until 10:30am Ardwick Sports Centre.

This session will stay the same as it as we have just added the offering of Food and Drinkfrom the rink cafe. We will carry on working with Manchester Roller Hockey Club on bringing new ideas and equipment to this session.

Toddler/Junior Beginners Inline Training Saturday 10:30am until 12pm Ardwick Sports Centre.

This session was changed last week to introduce Toddlers into a structured training session and improve skating and stick handling skills . For a toddler to join in this session all they need to do is put on a helmet and skates and be able to skate on their own as parents are not aloud on the rink for this session.

Toddlers training may not be on every week as we have to have 2 or more coaches on the rink and some week this is not possible due to game days. We will post each week if its a Toddler/Junior or just a Junior session.

The other part of this session is for any junior to join in from beginner level and up. We can provide kit if it is required, this session will focus on teaching the basic side of hockey.

We will split this session into two groups Toddler/beginners teaching the basic skating and sticking handling skill. The other group will be players who have the basic skating & stick handling skills and we will teach them the basic skills and plays to become a junior hockey player.

Lions Junior & Flaming Skulls Team training Sunday 10am until 12pm Ardwick Sports Centre

This session for all of our registered junior and Flaming Skulls players. We will be working as a team to help improve all skill sets throughout our age groups, as well as understanding the rules and positions when playing in league games.  We will also welcome players from the Toddler/Junior training session who we think are ready to make that step up to more advanced drills as well as players from other teams who would like some extra training.

Beginners training Monday 8pm until 9:30pm Ardwick Sports Hall

This session is for any age and skill level. We have designed this session to work on the basic hockey skills required to play in one of our teams. We will again work though different skill level drills to help everyone progress into one of our team training sessions.

Lions & Flaming Skulls Team Training 9pm until 10:30pm Atherton Roller Rink

This session is now becoming a closed training session for Lions & Flaming Skulls registered players. Since adding Tom to the senior coaching staff we have started to add more team play drills and are treating this session as a team session to help improve all of our senior players. We will still allow players form outside the team to attend this session but you will need to message James to see if there are spaces left as we have a maximum limit to this session. We are also looking at introducing some of our Junior players who are coming up to the age of 14.This is to help them progress into becoming a part of the senior team and play for Lions White.

We have been building Lions & Flaming Skulls over the last 18 months as we had a goal to offer everyone a chance to play inline hockey no matter the age or skill level. We are proud to be the only team in Manchester to offer Toddler, junior, Women’s & Senior training sessions and to be the only team that has a progression platform no matter what age you start playing hockey at.

Big thank you to all the players and parents for supporting us over the last few years and a big thank you to all the coaches who are giving up their free time to help the club grow and offer hockey to all age groups, as without any of you none of this would of been possible. You have all shown a true meaning to the word hockey family and hopefully with the changes we have made it will also start to repay you all in improving everyone’s skill level and also help more people start playing inline hockey across all our age groups.




2 teams working together

Lions and Wrexham have always had a strong bond and over the years the two teams have helped each other out.

Lions & Wrexham joined together for the this seasons North West under 8’s League and Wrexham ‘s under 12’s and 14’s keepers, Jamie & Xander have played for Lions in the Under 12’s and 16’s North West League.

This weekend saw Lions & Flaming Skulls junior coach Jodie Woodhams joining the Wrexham under 16’s girls in a mini tournament at the Market Drayton Rink and helped the developing players in the under 16’s throughout the day.

Both teams have the same vision for Junior inline hockey. We both believe anyone can play the sport no matter the age or ability. We also have all our players and coaches help and improve each other and play hockey the right way.

We show our Junior players that its not all about winning but about enjoying the game and working together as a team. Which has now started to show on the rink with the results both teams are seeing in the North West League this season.

If you fancy giving inline hockey a go for your self come and join Lions Junior Session on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday at Ardwick Sports Centre or if Wrexham is closer to you they have Junior training on Saturday 9am until 10:20am or Tuesday 7:30pm until 8:30pm at Plas Madoc Leisure Centre, Wrexham.

If you would like any more information about any of the teams or sessions then you can contact us via our contact us page.