Junior Beginners Hockey

Lions & Flaming Skulls Junior Beginners Hockey session is designed for anyone who is aged 2 to 16.

This session runs every Saturday 10:30am until 12pm

The cost of this session is £5 but if you have a toddler who takes part in the Toddler Skate & Play session then it is just an extra £2 on top of the £3 you pay for the Toddler Skate & Play session.

We we have designed this session to be split into two groups.

The 1st group is going to be aimed at anyone who is aged 6 and below.

This part of the training session is designed to help younger kids understand what a stretchered class is like where we will have them pass each other items or stand in line waiting for there turn.  We can provided all the equipment they need all we require the kids to be able to do is skate on there own.

The 2nd group will be for anyone who is 7 and above. This part of the session is designed to help kids understand the basics of inline hockey and to help them start to progress their own skills and become a team player.

We will also look to have an open play where all the kids will play together on the rink to help interaction between younger and older players.

For more information on this event see our see our contact us or Facebook page.

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