The full list of the 2019/2020 squad across all of Lions & Flaming skulls teams.


35 Amber Shields-Pettitt Womens
40 James Allatt Senior
78 Alfie Kelly Junior


3 Martin Flack Senior
5 Gaz Skews Senior
6 Michel Nurtney Senior
7 Gabriel Tor Senior
8 Tom Hoyle Senior
9 Dylan Strickland Senior
10 Pierre Mosabbir Junior
11 Sam Owen Junior
11 Jamie Thorne Senior
12 Mark Howard Senior
13 Joshua king Junior
13 Mike Judge Senior
16 Gina Molyneaux Womens
17 Spare  
18 Lorna Mudie Womens
20 Thomas Milnes Junior
20 Camron Willliams Senior
21 Michael Harrison Senior
21 Beth Thomas Womens
22 Spare  
23 Niku Ghaemi Senior
25 Jodie Woodhams Junior, Womens & Senior
26 Tom Jenkins Senior
29 Molly Farragher-Ellor Junior, Womens & Senior
31 Fiona Rollenston Womens
37 Dan Naughton Junior
32 Guy Coleman Senior
35 Ethan Trickett Junior & Senior
44 Andy Ridings Senior
55 Nick Liptrot Senior
58 Finley Kelly Junior
66 Jay Perry Senior
67 Andrew Dingwall Senior
70 Ibukun Olabode Womens
78 Alfie Kelly Junior
81 Abigail Rawcliffe Womens
88 Sarah Lowe Womens
95 Oliver Gotts Junior
98 Nicola Bailey Womens
99 Noah King Junior
TBC Greg Dawson Senior
TBC Donme Junior
TBC Kevin Junior

Juniors playing in under 10’s, 12’s 14’s & 16’s North West League.

Flaming Skulls playing in WISE Women’s Cup played over 4 game days 2 in Market Drayton, 1 in Ireland & 1 in Scotland.  North West Women’s League at the Atherton Rink.

Seniors Playing 2 teams in the West League B League, 1 Team playing in West C league all held in Market Drayton & 1 team in North West League at the Atherton Rink.

We Still have places left in all our teams for the 2019/2020 season.

If you are interested in joining lions for the new season or would like more information please contact us via our Contact us or Facebook pages.

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